Champs Chicken Program

Champs Chicken Hot CaseChamps Chicken is widely known for quality products and great taste! That’s why Merchants Grocery Company has teamed up with the professionals at Pro Food Systems, Inc. to help our customers enjoy increased profits and traffic in their deli or store. The Champs Chicken territory managers are some of the most experienced and best trained in the business. They work closely with you and your staff to train and ensure the best presentation possible.  Best of all – no franchise fees!

Why are Champs Chicken Customers more successful than the competition?

  • A complete in-store training process ensures your staff is completely aware of all equipment operations and the product preparation procedures.
  • A complete marketing package is provided that includes: signage, menu boards, menus, & more.
  • We are a non-franchise company that can deliver a complete line of products. Because of this, we know your exact food cost and provide you with suggested retail price points for your market area.  You choose your profit margins!
  • We are a one-stop shop for all of your deli needs.
  • We are a family owned business that takes pride in knowing our retailers on a personal level.  Feel free to ask any of our existing retailers.
  • Our equipment is designed specifically for our Champs Chicken program.  By using the correct equipment (along with quality products distributed by our company) our products come out consistent batch after batch.  Longer holding times are achieved in our hot cases due to the ambient air temperatures created by newer technology.
  • Our dedicated customer service staff is available to handle numerous issues over the telephone.
  • We are constantly introducing new products and we provide you with various ways to turn your leftover products into profit.
  • Our staff of professional graphic designers create advertising ideas and design layouts to help increase retail sales.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having a Champs Chicken program placed in your store.