Red Diamond Fresh Iced Tea Program

Red Diamond Iced TeaIced Tea is a hidden profit source for our sharp customers and that is why Merchants Grocery Company has partnered with the experienced people at Red Diamond, because they are the best at what they do. Their goal is to help you select and successfully execute the best tea program for your specific needs. Tea is too often an after thought or an add-on to a coffee program. When it comes to maximizing your profit potential, all things should be on the table. As the tea experts, Red Diamond exists to help you take advantage of the hottest beverage growth category in the country with a complete line of tea based offerings.

Red Diamond is committed to providing the highest quality tea and tea-based products and platforms by delivering high quality solutions that maximize each retailer’s potential in both complete customer satisfaction and profit.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having a Red Diamond Tea program placed in your store.