Kunzler Roller Grill Program

Kunzler Roller Grill Full of SausagesKunzler Roller Grill Products start better and last longer than ordinary roller grill products.  That is why Merchants Grocery Company has teamed up with Kunzler to provide our customers with the best roller grill program in the business.

Kunzler’s top-quality grill franks, kielbasa, and sausages keep their cool better than other grill products. That means less waste, higher profits. Because Kunzler grill franks, kielbasa, and breakfast sausages are pre-tested to resist charring while keeping their taste – for up to 4 hours on the grill. No chicken, no cereal, just pure meat taste guarantees Kunzler quality in every bite. Plus Kunzler’s legendary sausages from kielbasa to Ragin’ Cajun and breakfast sausages add wonderful variety to any roller grill.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having a Kunzler Roller Grill program placed in your store.