Fixnz™ Oven Baked Sub Program

Fixnz Hot Sub ProgramFixnz™ Oven Baked Subs taste great. That’s why Merchants Grocery Company has teamed up with Omni Food Concepts, Inc., the maker of Sub Express Hot Baked Subs, to provide the best hot sub program in the business. The primary difference that consumers note is that the Fixnz™ sub is served hot.  Each sub is made to order and baked right before serving. The roll is warm with a light crusty texture. The slightly melted cheese, deli meats and cool vegetables are the taste that keeps customers coming back.

Fixnz™ sub shops offer 17 varieties of sandwiches that are served hot baked. For operator convenience, par-baked rolls, pre-sliced and pre-portioned ingredients are used. A breakfast menu is included.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having a Fixnz™ Hot Oven Baked Sub program placed in your store.