DeIorio’s New York Style Pizza Program

DeIorio's New York Style Pizza ProgramDeiorio’s Programs & Packages

• Require NO franchise fees
• Require NO royalties
• No Seminar or Information Fees
• Give you ultimate control of your foodservice programs
• Over 85 years of creating quality products

What you need to know.

• Is DeIorio’s a franchise?
No, we’re not a franchise. If you use our products, we do not dictate to you how to run your business. We will, however, share you with all of the experience we’ve obtained in over 85 years of producing and selling quality dough products. All the profits are yours.

• Are you a pizza company only?
We have an extensive line of over 150 products in stock, not including private label, customized formula, and special order items. Our product lines include raw dough and par-baked breads, rolls, and pizza products.

• Where are DeIorio’s products distributed?
We current distribute our products in 40 states and Puerto Rico. The majority of our distribution is east of the Mississippi River from Maine to Florida. Our distributor in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland is Merchants Grocery Company.

• How is your product shipped?
Products are sold through Merchants Grocery Company.

• How can I sample DeIorio’s products?
Ask Merchants Grocery Company to invite you to their test kitchen when we visit for a DeIorio’s presentation. Samples requested from our facility are generally sent overnight via UPS at the requester’s expense.

• What if I outgrow my equipment capacity?
We do not force customers into a specific program; we only suggest using anticipated volume you suggest. Many customers experience growth opportunities and we are here to suggest the proper upgrade package for your needs.

• Do you offer financing / leasing?
The answer is yes. We utilize our equipment vendor to offer the financing and lease agreement if needed for all equipment purchased. Please contact us for further details.