Day’ N Night Bites

DNB Calzone

Our Day’N Night Bites program covers all of your food needs! Starting with breakfast, we offer a variety of breakfast sandwiches including all of your favorites like a Maple Hot Cake with Sausage Egg’n Cheese, a Country Sausage Biscuit Egg’n Cheese and as well as new items like the Ultimate Omelet Wrap!

Calzones come in 3 traditional flavors – a 5-Meat Calzone, Pepperoni and a Philly Steak Calzone. There is also a Sausage’N Gravy Breakfast Calzone!

7-inch personal pizzas are offered in a variety of flavors, and keeping with the Day’N Night theme, come in breakfast varieties and more traditional flavors like pepperoni!

The pizzas can be cooked in your current Wisco oven or other oven. Day’N Night Bites provides cooking times for all! Calzones and sandwiches can be microwaved.

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