Update on the Resers Recall

Dear Merchants Grocery Customers,

This is an update on the Resers/Mrs. Giles recall.

Yesterday we received a very small portion of our weekly order. This is a result of Resers cutting our order due to an intensive inspection of their Halifax, NC production facility. This plant has not been one of the two plants involved in the recent recall of four items produced at those facilities. The Halifax plant was due for their normal inspection from the FDA. A representative of Resers informed us that the FDA, probably due to the recent recall, sent multiple inspectors to this plant. That resulted in a slowdown of production, which according to him has all but come to a stop, thus no product is available for our delivery.

So here is where we stand at this point:

  1. The Topeka production facility has been given an all clear to begin production again this week. This plant makes the seafood salads we distribute. It is expected that the process to get to full production and catch up orders will take about two weeks. We have an order for next Tuesday but it is not certain we will receive any product. Things should improve by the following week.
  2. Barring any issues, the Halifax facility which produces most of the items we distribute is also coming back up to full production later this week. Again, our order may be cut next week but should be back to normal in two weeks. Even if we receive our full order next week, we will have depleted all normal carry over stock from this week due to the cuts. This means it will take us about two deliveries from Resers to catch up – i.e.: next week and the following week.
  3. The good news is that the Topeka plant has been given a clean bill of health by the FDA after intensive sanitation procedures (they scrubbed the plant) by Resers at the plant.
  4. Once the Halifax plant has cleared their inspection all should return to normal. It is important to note, again, that the Halifax plant is not part of any recall at this time, but surely the recall at the other plant led to the intensive inspection of that plant out of an abundance of caution by the FDA.
  5. The Resers/Mrs. Giles lines are a quality line of products and MGC has enjoyed a good working partnership with this vendor for many years. It is expected that everything will return to normal very soon. After so much scrutiny by the FDA, you can be assured of the quality of the products.

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to call Robin Fadley at 540-727-2219 or email him at rfadely@merchants-grocery.com.