Reser’s Announce Voluntary Recall On Select Products

Letter from Reser’s President
November 3, 2013

Dear Reser’s Customers,

There is nothing that Reser’s Fine Foods takes more seriously than producing safe, wholesome, high-quality foods. Our family has been doing that for more than six decades, and we are grateful to you for your continued confidence in us and our products.
In the past weeks, we’ve learned that some of our efforts have fallen short. Reser’s has always had rigorous and thorough cleaning and sanitation processes in place at our plants. However, following FDA inspections of the Topeka plant, we chose to voluntarily suspend production on October 25th to allow us to fully dismantle our equipment, piece by piece, for deep cleaning.
In the course of these actions, extensive third-party testing was conducted prior to the deep cleaning. The results became available on Saturday, November 2nd and showed issues on specific non-food contact surfaces.
In light of this new information, we are voluntarily expanding the recall to encompass all products produced at the Topeka salad plant through October 25th. While we do not believe any of these products are impacted, and there have been no confirmed illnesses, taking this added measure of precaution is the right thing to do.

The FDA inspections of the Topeka plant identified and detailed specific concerns. I want to assure you that each of the issues raised by the FDA is being carefully addressed. Our ongoing work to ensure the safety of products produced at the Topeka plant includes, but is not limited to:
Working with national third-party experts in food processing, sanitation and food safety to evaluate and provide recommendations for plant improvements
Aggressive inspection, disassembly of equipment, repeated seven-step cleanings, and re-inspection of the plant
Extensive and rigorous retraining of all plant employees, contractors and other personnel – each of whom will resume work when all training has been completed and documented
I thank you sincerely for your patience during this time. I know it has been difficult for you, our customer, and we are working diligently to produce safe, quality foods in our Topeka plant. We are committed to doing what is necessary to maintain your confidence in our Company.

Mark Reser
Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc.

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