Java Classics Premium Coffee Program

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The Java Classics program is designed to maximize gross profits and is an outstanding product and company to work with.  That’s why Merchants Grocery Company has partnered with the good people at Distant Lands Coffee Company to give our customers a successful and great tasting coffee program.  The patented Convection Roast System roasts coffees which are proven to endure longer hold times with no breakdown in taste.

The experienced coffee specialists at Java Classics can work with you to establish brewing standards and flavor selections that are customized for your customers tastes.We offer a complete line of products for your convenience store beverage program.  The team at Java Classics studies and analyzes trends and then does field testing to ensure the products they recommend for your specific geography will maximize sales and profits.  They offer a complete line of Point-of-Sale to help you promote Java Classics, increase visibility, and create a destination experience that will bring your customers back day-in and day-out.

Java Classics is made of only the highest grade 100% Arabica beans.  All of our coffees are roasted in our patented convection roasting system which ensures that each bean is roasted evenly throughout.  Unlike traditional roasting methods that can sometimes burn beans or leave them under-roasted, our air roasting process leaves behind nothing but smooth and rich flavor.

Extreme Energy Beverages
Capitalize on the dramatic rise in energy drinks with our fully-developed Java Classics Extreme product line.  Capture your future coffee customer today by offering innovative products tailored to the younger demographic.  This will increase your net profits by moving from low-margin canned to high-margin self-service beverages. Here are a few of our Extreme Drinks:

Extreme Caffein, Extreme Energy, Extreme IQ, Extreme Caramel Surge.

The Java Classics program was designed to allow independents and small chains to effectively compete against the multinationals.
Flexibility was designed into the program to fit into any venue.  We are always looking for new are new retail outlets to partner with.

  • Coffee with longer hold times
  • Equipment to minimize waste
  • Destination selection all day long
  • Brewing & Selection Standards

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